Wear Resistant Irons

Typical Wear Resistant Iron Application

Wear resistant irons are typically used in applications such as digger teeth, digger bucket liners, mining crushers, chute liners, ball mill liners, slurry pumps, dredge pumps, impellers, various oil sands applications, recycling-machine parts, and concrete rock crushing machinery.

The Bowmanville Foundry has the capability to produce several wear resistant irons;

  • White Iron – Our least expensive wear resistant iron is “White Iron”. This material exhibits a hardness of over 400 BHN. However White Iron has very low tensile strength (25,000 psi) and impact resistance. White iron has no elongation under stress and will not deflect and will fail in fracture mode.
  • High Chrome White Iron – High Chrome (12% to 15% Cr) White Iron also exhibits hardness over 400 BHN, however it is much stronger than regular white iron with a tensile strength exceeding 100,000 psi, thus resulting in a tough impact resistant highly wear resistant iron. Like regular White Iron, High Chrome White Iron has no elongation under stress and will not deflect and will fail in fracture mode.
  • Austempered Ductile Iron – Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) is as hard as White Iron while simultaneously exhibiting very high tensile strength as high as 230,000 psi. Further, ADI has elongation properties meaning it will deflect before fracture. To read more about this highly sophisticated iron please read our page dedicated to ADI here.

The Bowmanville Foundry has extensive experience in producing Malleable Iron, Ductile Iron, Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI), Gray Iron, and Wear Resistant Irons, and can recommend the appropriate material for your application.

For more information please refer to our Metal Grade Guide and Technical Data for Iron Grades or click below to contact us.